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DVD Programme Three:

Pattaya, Samae San and Koh Chang

Now is the time to come back and enjoy diving in Thailand!

Programme Three ...

In programme three we take you on a drive one and a half hours south of Bangkok, to the Seaside City of Pattaya. Pattaya has been for many years the number one Beach Holiday destination for millions of people from around the world. It is also home to a number of impressive dive sites.

We firstly show you the far islands of Koh Rin where hard and soft corals can be viewed. Koh Pai is home to the recently sunk Khram Wreck. The ship was sunk at the end of January 2003 by the Royal Thai Navy and sits on sand at 30 metres. Good penetration is possible with a variety of schooling fish.

Next we take you another 40 minutes south of Pattaya to the traditional Thai fishing village - Samae San. Technical Diving, the Hardeep Wreck as well as colourful reefs can all be found on the outlying islands of Samae San. The village itself has been relatively untouched over the years and still clings to its Thai charm and friendliness.

Finally, we take you to the most recent addition to the Thai tourism market - Koh Chang. Koh Chang is the second largest island in Thailand behind Phuket. It is home to a huge forest of trees and wildlife, excellent for the bush walkers and nature lovers. It also has a number of excellent dive sites, amongst them Koh Rang, which has an abundance of schooling fish and soft coral gardens.

We think you will enjoy not only the diving and accommodation on Koh Chang, Pattaya and Samae San but also the exciting Other Activities, which you can participate in after diving.

The Dive Sites

Below, you find the description of dive sites, which we dived during the making of

the DVD "Discover Scuba Diving Thailand". Best diving time is October to May.

Pattaya Far Islands

Koh Rin

Koh Rin North Rock

Koh Rin South Rock

The main island of Koh Rin is around 15 kms from Pattaya Beach. The site comprises mostly hard corals but with some soft corals patches. Large Turtles, Bamboo Sharks and Nurse Sharks are seen on most dives. The depths of 5-15 metres (visibility anywhere from 5-12 metres). Watch out for occasionally strong currents.

As with the main Island be ware of strong currents. Depths 5-22 metres (visibility 5-12 metres). This offers very different diving to South Rock. More soft corals and stag coral patches. Schooling fish and Morays can be spotted.

South Rock is primarily a boulder site. It is usual to see Nurse Sharks and Bamboo Sharks usually around 5-6 metres under corals heads. The site drops down to 24 metres (visibility 5-15 metres). Also watch out for Spanish Dancers, Cuttle Fish and occasionally Black Tip Sharks may make an appearance.

Koh Larn

Koh Sak West

Koh Krok

Pattaya Near Islands

Also look out for some very good wreck diving at the Khram and Kud wrecks. As well as some good coral diving at Koh Man Wichai

Koh Larn is the biggest of the islands off of the Pattaya Coast. There are a variety of sites around the island, most are made up of hard coral patches with schools of Rabbit Fish and Squirrel Fish. Blue Spotted Rays and occasional Turtles are also seen on dives. The concrete sections at Koh Larn Vac have been overgrown by soft corals and are home to a variety of fish. Watch for Butterfly Fish and Clown Fish. Depths 5-22 metres (visibility 3-10 metres).

Lying just south of Koh Larn, Koh Sak West can best be enjoyed as part of a drift dive. A variety of hard corals, whip corals, Feather Stars and Barrel Sponges can be found anywhere from 5 metres to the sand at around 15 metres. (Visibility 3-10 metres).

A small island just to the east of Koh Larn it is only possible to dive one side of the island. A drift dive along this side usually takes around 45 minutes to one hour depending on strength of current. On view are usually two or three huge Turtles which have made their home here. Watch also for the bed of soft Anemone Corals with occupying Clown Fish.

Koh Chuang

The Hardeep Wreck

Shark Fin Rock

Samae San

Koh Chuang lies around 1 hour by small boat from the harbour of Samae San. There is a small cove at the back of the island where it is possible to find the occasional Leopard Shark or Spotted Eagle Ray. The site is excellent for soft Antipatharian corals, whip corals and Anemone Corals. Depths around 5-20 metres (visibility 3-10 metres).

The wreck was sunk at the end of the second world war and sits on sand at 26 metres. Generally strong currents are present around the wreck, so check tide tables before attempting the dive. Once on the lee of the wreck you will see the various penetration points where you can gain access to the former engine room where the crank shaft is still visible. Marine life includes schooling fish, Blue Spotted Rays and Moray Eels.

The Rock lies around 7 kms North of Koh Chuang and dive depths range from 5-25 metres (visibility 3-12 metres). This site can be affected by a strong current but has an excellent assortment of soft Anemone Corals with resident Clown Fish. As you decend deeper you will see Whip Corals and small patches of soft leather corals and sea fans.

Hin Luk Bat

Hin Rap

Koh Rang

Koh Chang

A small group of rocks which penetrate the surface disguise the wonderful range of soft and hard corals which live underneath. The site is excellent for Barracuda, Yellow Tail and Chevron. There is the remnants of an old fishing boat which is home to Moray Eels, Clown Fish and Damsel Fish. Depths of 5-15 metres (visibility from 5-20 metres depending on time of year).

This is a boulder dive site where you will encounter whip corals and feather stars. Look out for a huge number of Nudibranches and Moray Eels. Once you swim around 200 metres away from the site you will find what is locally call the Blue Mountains. This is a large ridge of rocks which give a beautiful bluey/white glow due to the sun penetration. Depths again 5-15 metres (visibility 5-20 metres).

A little further south of Hin Rap you'll find Koh Rang. A small island with a number of possible dive sites dotted around. Most sites have an abundance of schooling fish, Butterfly Fish, Damsel Fish and Clown Fish. Depths are 5-15 metres (visibility 5-20 metres). If you venture on to the sand here you are likely to see large Hermit Crabs and a variety of Marine Critters.

Koh Rang Pinnacle

An arrangement of boulders to the side of Koh Rang is popular with Batfish, Puffer Fish and Moray Eels. Some interesting swimthroughs can be found with a little effort. Depths again 5-15 metres (visibility 5-20 metres).

Also look out for some good wreck diving just off the waters of Koh Chang...

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Pattaya and Koh Chang

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